The Leffring Sisters
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Cost and Payment
The cost of quality accompaniment is usually sky high, and almost always worth it. Checks may be made out to Jera Leffring or Jenna Leffring, depending on the accompanist requested.

-$15.00 charge upon requesting accompaniment
-$20.00 for every rehearsal under 30 minutes and studio performance
-$30.00 for every rehearsal over 30 minutes, under one hour
-$25.00 for every public performance (jury, recital, competition... etc.)

Accompaniment Form
Deadlines: As we all know, the closer a performance gets, the more hectic the schedules seem to become. Because the accompanists are busy and have music of their own to learn, they will have to decline music due to deadlines or amount of workload. The sooner you turn in your music, the less chance you have of being declined.
Requesting Accompanist Expectations:

-Score MUST be proved at least one month prior to scheduled performance and at least ten days prior to first rehearsal and/or coaching session.
-It is your responsibility to make the first contact with the accompanist.
-Rehearsal times are often difficult to schedule, so the person requesting accompaniment must be as professional as possible by showing up to rehearsal ON TIME and calling 24 hours in advance if requesting a cancelation.
-If you are late or do not call about canceling, you will still be charged the expense of the scheduled rehearsal. (unless there is an emergency)

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